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Rattlesnake Fencing




Below are some examples of some of our projects. As you can see, we not only install screening but can also create a gate or frame work where the preventive screen can be installed:




























Rattlesnake Fencing® snake fencing technicians are highly trained and certified in snake fencing your property. There objective is to identify snakes that can pose a threat to you and your loved ones, in particular rattlesnakes. Our technicians are trained to properly handle rattlesnakes in all instances using proper safety precautions and methods. Our professional snake fencing technicians will keep your property free from the threat of these vicious predators while protecting your home, friends and family. Speedy’s snake fencing will prevent rattlesnakes from nesting inside your property line.

Once rattlesnakes are identified, the use of a wrangler may be necessary to relocate the rattlesnake to a wildlife habitat away from human population.


Rattlesnake Fencing® snake fencing technicians are qualified and skilled to professionally install snake fencing, keeping rattlesnakes away from your home.


 We can install the snake fence barrier on:


  • chain link fences

  • vinyl fences

  • wood fences

  • wrought iron fences and many more


Snake Fencing Solution:

The most effective way to make sure snakes aren’t getting into your property is by professionally snake fencing your perimeter lines. In order to restrict the presence of snakes into your property, a 1/4 inch galvanized screen needs to be installed. If a greater diameter of screen is used, the risk of a rattlesnake entering will be high and your fence line unsecure from these hazardous predators. When the screen is installed, at least on foot is inserted into the ground to prevent any burrows or tunneling from rodents into the yard. Rattlesnake Fencing® is ready to assist you in installing your snake fence. Feel free to give us a call with any questions. Our operators are standing by: ‪(213) 290-1794‬



Snake Removal


Upon completion of the snake fencing installation, we will then search the interiors of the entire areas that were snake fenced to make sure no rattlesnakes were left inside or that no dens were created within the property line. In some instances we may require the assistance of a wrangler when the rattlesnake measures 7 ft. in length!

Rattlesnake Fencing® has the experience and knowledge it takes to deter snakes from your home; making sure your home is a safe environment to you and your family.




Other competitors may claim that they can deter snakes by using “snake repellents” such as dust or powders, unfortunately they just don't work...

See here:

Others may claim on their websites, with stock photos of snakes and of technicians that don’t even exist, to be the best in the snake fencing business and that other companies may imitate them. We never make never make the claim to be the best although our online testimonies and reviews speak for themselves. However, companies without a track record or a history such as online reviews supporting their experience may as well have their claims debunked, just as in the video link above with the so called “snake repellents”. Rattlesnake Fencing has verifiable snake fencing projects

having been undertaken.


Pricing is determined once your property has been inspected. Without a proper inspection, the price cannot be determined because its various factors will have to be determined into the in an e.g.., bushes needing trimming or needing to be removed before commencing the projecting. However our labor and material costs are all included so that you don’t have to go elsewhere.

Snake proofing services of the highest quality

You and your family's health and safety are Rattlesnake Fencings' number one priority.
Snake fencing installed by Rattlesnake Fencing® can prevent snakes and other pests from entering your property. Your kids and pets are at risk from these hidden predators, so take preventative measures now.

A team of experienced professionals

Rattlesnake Fencing®  has been providing safe and reliable snake fencing services to California residents for 25 years. We are committed to the safety and health of our customers.




An image of a trenching strip ready for fencing by Speedy's Pest Solutions
An image of wooden gate ready to be snake fenced by Speedy's Pest Solutions
Black driveway gate
An image of a gate with galvanized posts and screening created by Speedy's Pest Soutions
An image of a gate ready to snake fencing by Speedy's Pest Solutions
An image of an white abs gate ready to be snake fenced by Speedy's Pest Solutions
An image of a gate with black screen installed by Speedy's Pest Solutions
Wooden gate created by Speedy's Pest Solutions

Black Steel Fence

ABS Gate

Wooden Gate

Custom Gate 

Custom made wooden gate 

Protected Gate

Black Fence Installed 


Snake Fencing is essential for safeguarding your property, ensuring safety, and promoting coexistence with local snake populations.

After photo of wrought iron fence snake fence

We are fully licensed by the Structural Pest Control Board of Sacramento. Using the latest equipment available and environmentally friendly products, you can trust us to keep you and your family safe.

We are dedicated to keeping your home or business snake-free. Our products are eco-friendly, so your family and pets are safe.

Now is the time to prevent harmful predators from invading your home or business. You can rely on

Rattlesnake Fencing® to deliver outstanding results time after time.

Call today or fill out our contact form by clicking the city you live or near from below and schedule an inspection.

Rattlesnake Fencing®  provides rattlesnake fencing in Friant, Coarsegold, Tollhouse, Los Angeles and Santa Clarita. If you have snakes on your residential or commercial property, don't hesitate to call!

Call Today For Free A Inspection!


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